Beauty Secrets

There is a lot of pressure these days to look young and desirable. We have become obsessed with losing weight and getting rid of wrinkles. Cosmetic surgery is beyond the means of a lot of people, so we search the glossy magazines for any beauty secrets that the experts can give us. Celebrities give their tips too, of course it’s easier to stay gorgeous when you have an entourage containing a personal fitness trainer, make up artist and hair stylist.

Millions of dollars are spent on face creams and products that promise to remove wrinkles. Men have become just as vain as women, moisturizing, exfoliating and dying their hair. Is there anything we can do apart from botox injections? Some beauty secrets have been handed down from the old Hollywood stars. Many an actress today plunges her face into a bowl of cold water and ice. If the shock doesn’t kill you, it’s supposed to invigorate and stimulate the skin. This might be too extreme for a daily regime but no pain, no gain.

It may be a cliché but the best advice on looking good is to live right. Smoking, partying, eating rich foods and alcohol all take their toll if not moderated. The body can only take so much and the skin will start to show the visible results of an unhealthy lifestyle. Dry, creased skin and dark circles under the eyes will betray all. There is no great mystery to beauty secrets. There’s nothing wrong with buying lotions and potions but it’s only a temporary fix before it all catches up with you. Eating plenty fruit and vegetables, no smoking and drinking water or pure juice instead of caffeine is a good regime to follow. A sufficient amount of sleep is also beneficial. The body needs time to recuperate.

Some women won’t take the garbage out until they are fully made up. The thought of facing the world without putting their face on sends them into blind terror. The fact is that cosmetics were not invented to preserve our youth. The less make up, the better. Of course, we women couldn’t give it up entirely so it’s important to cleanse, tone and moisturize every day. If you are buying products that claim to offer all the beauty secrets known to civilization, make sure the manufacturer has a good pedigree. If it retails at a ridiculously low price, the chances are that the ingredients are not as pure as you would wish.